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Hi ,

So todays post is going to be nice short and sweet.

Ever wondered how much your has an impact in your daily life? For some it has made them famous and unique and to others it hasn't made a different.

My point is you shouldn't let the society define your of what you can/cannot do with your hair. This post was inspired by a friend who is also a nigerian youtuber who recently relaxed her hair a few months back after moving back to lagos. She was for about 3/4 years when the whole natural hair trend came back in trend but she when she relaxed her hair the comment and feedback she got from people was a negative one she was insulted and casted! in the process she lost a lot of subscribers and it was an emotional time for her.

I told her babe ITS YOUR HAIR- not theirs! You can do whatever you wish TO YOUR HAIR ITS YOUR HAIR, you did what you did to make YOU happy not them.You don't have to impress anyone or keep up with the joneses just because you want to trend.

My point is that whether you are relaxed or natural so far your hair is healthy thats all that matters! you shouldn't let the society define your standards of beauty and morals

Stay happy and true to yourself- I AM NOT MY HAIR

Picture Credit - Ronke Raji