I Am A Product Of Genesis 1:31A, So I Am VERY GOOD!

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Everyone is guilty of speaking ill or have said something negative about somebody else, somewhere, somehow, and sometime. As human beings, we are prone to look at people in certain ways when they don't look like us, sound like us, walk like us, or have the same mannerism. We tend to put people in boxes because of their tone, deformation of some sort, height, weight, race, color, and religion. 
It is unfair to see an albino or a dwarf and feel their lives are definitely miserable because they don't have your skin color or tone, and height? It is bigotry to make these ones feel out of place, like they don't belong on earth. Some people laugh, mock, at these ones, and even act unkindly to them. My question to you is, are you their potter? you cannot create an ant, or give to any living or breathing thing, then I strongly believe you're out of place to tell God what He created was not good.
The last time I checked, God is the creator and the potter of every living 'clay'. Genesis 1:31a says: 
"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." The word says, after God had created everything with the words of His mouth, he sat back and looked at everything He'd created, and He said EVERYTHING was VERY GOOD!
Breaking News: You are part of that "everything", so you are VERY GOOD! 
When next anyone makes you feel out of place because of how spectacular you're shaped it toned, forgive them because they may not know this revelation, so stop and educate them. Tell them "I am a product of Genesis 1:31a."
You are wonderfully and fearfully made. Made in the image and likeness of God. Go in this knowledge, and stay unstoppable in your world!
Happy Sunday!
Debbie Kuks.
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