How to get that dewy Glowy skin, using makeup

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face Glowing means fresh, young and looking,radiant skin.isnt that every woman's dream?every woman wants a healthy looking skin,although with the harsh weather, a lot of women are afraid to wear this look because if applied wrongly,you may come out having a greasy and sticky skin. This look can be achieved using a bronzing powder to define and contour,adding highlighter to give light and luminosity and blush to improve your skin tone and adding a touch of colour. A radiant skin is achieving the appropriate balance between matte and dewy,while the matte fever will never be deleted in the make up history, a Glowy look still works best in highlighting our features,moreso,illuminating the skin textures and achieve this look,one must be careful not to layer on too many shimmery product on the skin.this look is best for the evening and also a red carpet take. face1
  • Concealers-add radiance by applying a touch of brightening concealer.avoid putting too much so it doesn't clog pores.brighten under eye areas but use a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover blemishes.
face2 Foundation- creating the right balance using the right foundation or applying just mild amount of foundation will prevent an oily outcome.use a light weight foundation of tinted moisturiser to achieve a balance, this will give a sheer and dewy finish without looking greasy,oily or shiny.and if you have dry skin,concentrate on those areas. face3 Primers -primers are a great way to brighten and enhance the creates a soft dewy effect. face4 Blush-the blush makes us look young not leaving the face washed out. Use a cream blush to achieve this look.(a powder blush mattifies the skin).for dark skin,its advices you use a bronzer or brown blush(cream) face5 illuminate-to achieve a perfect glow,use a mild or soft illuminator but when you are using a shimmery highlighting powder, make sure the rest of the skin isn't shiny,particularly the T-zones.if your skin tends to get oily,keep highlighter to cheeks alone and use less shimmery textures.for dry skin,you can apply the highlighter to the top of your cheek bone,temples,bridge of the nose,chin and lip bow. face6 Lipstick -for this look,try a nude or light pink lipstick,remember,this look enhances your natural beauty,so you don't want to look caked up. For more beauty inspirations, be sure to leave your comments below or email me. Also if you want me to recreate a look you have been longing to wear,email me. a9ba5717a44bd0bb7d230dabc71f7ce6 Kemi Shona


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