How independent are we when

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1. Our citizens are in captivity of different types as girls, boys, men and women as a result of terrorism? 2. Our Youths are under the shackles of terroristic employment working odd hours without tax card and neither are their benefits credited into their pension account or in full?
3. Employers are business owners are taxed to death and have to buy their way to compile questionable tax returns? 4. Road traffic management authorities are terrorizing on the roads asking for expiry date of extra tyres and looking away from rickety yellow buses? 5. BRT buses experiencing brake and all passengers are disembarked to board a full bus; standing from Maryland to Island? 6. The health facilities are not enough to attend to patients who arrive the hospital at 4am to pick numbers and may never get attended to until next day? 7. Doctors beg for their monthly salaries and are owed two months as of today? 8. Students are kept in shabby rooms which are supposed to be their classes with no infrastructure of windows or writing materials? Free education? 9. We can't point at one single infrastructure generating mass employment, reducing hardship to great extent and at reasonable costs with residents being part - owners? 10. Local Governments controlled by State Government, receiving monthly allocations but not one single project in sight with bad or no drains, bad inroads, etc 11. Civil servants no longer given leave bonuses, shabby transportation in molues and are supposed to be free from corruption while Politicians receive plenty benefits? 12. Political holders from Permanent Secretaries and above have at least 4 official cars including for each of their children and spouses? 13. We pay tolls for government executed projects allegedly managed by private concerns and our State Government continues to borrow? We now owe $1,000,000,000.00 - a billion dollars! 14. All those bidding to contest the next gubernatorial elections are CLASS OF 99, the youngest being 44 years! 15. Not a single Public Office holder today or anyone aspiring gives a thought to the Youth and changing the situation as we know it today? ITS TIME Youths Take Over AND MAKE THE NEXT INDEPENDENT DAY A TRUE CELEBRATION. This is dedicated to all Change Agents out there! Ifeoluwa Leo-Olagbaye Wole Ageh Ope Banwo II Jummai Abubakar OluwaKuku Omoyeni Soji Breakthrough Julius Chijioke Ebere Fasoranti Olusola Ayoola Oladimeji Joseph Oladimeji Adebo Onyebuchi Chibuzor Adedayo Adebisi Demola Adebisi VOTE OOA FOR LAGOS GOVERNOR 2015