How Do You React To Rejection or Failure?

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I put a post here some time ago that we were searching for a ‘face’ that will be used on the creatives for our influencer marketing business (the arm that manages accounts for brands). The creatives will be deployed on Instagram so we decide the contest on the same platform.

The exercise was a keenly contested one…..and surprisingly interesting!

So as to have a seamless execution (logistic wise), I told my team members that the must reside in . You needed to have seen my expression of excitement when I was told that the leading contestant actually lives in Lagos.

Three days to the conclusion of the contest, na so one fine girl just appeared from nowhere and became the contestant to beat. I had to ask the team to enquire from her where she resides. Madam where u dey live?

They did ask her and her reply wasn’t what we wanted to hear. The pretty girl resides outside of Lagos. Jesu!!! How photographer wan take reach Osun state?

The available option was to get the girl disqualified. A flimsy excuse can achieve that. But my conscience wouldn’t allow me do that. It will be unfair.

Like joke Like joke, this Osun girl won o! Which kind film be dis? Chai!!!

We called to congratulate and announce her as the winner. She was expectedly elated and agreed to be in Lagos to pick up her cash prize as far as we will be responsible for the transportation to Eko Akete. No lele, we go pay. She came down, picked her cash prize and confirmed she was back in Osun state.

Na so we no see this girl brake light again. She stopped being active (TOTALLY) on our Instagram page. As in, it was like our path never crossed.

Hmm…here’s the shocker>>>>>>

You remember the other girl that I’d wished won the contest? Yeah..the 1st runner. She became very active on our page after we posted the picture of our winner receiving the dummy cheque. She will leave comments and like ALL our posts. Is it not shocking that the one who should be bitter and walk away from our page has now become a committed fan?

And I begin to ponder on how I had reacted to failures and rejections in the past, obviously not this way! I’m grateful for the lesson I got through this experience. It will surely change a part of me.

So I have asked my team members to come with a proposal on how we can engage her and support her business. She truly deserves it!

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Yomi Olaniwun

Image credit: @tunmy on Instagram