Honorarium Reception For LINEO By ACANA Philadelphia USA

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Mr Voffee Jabateh CEO, African Cultural Alliance of North America, Welcomes Adekoya Adrgboyega popularly known as Lineo to The State Of on Friday 2nd Aug 2013. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and Partners of ACANA. We welcome Lineo to the 6th Annual African Weekend. The Festival featured food, art and best of African Musical performances. Though its has been another tumultuous year, exacerbated by the continuous downtrend in charitable funding and donations impacting all non-profits: ACANA continues to find ways to improve and provide services to its constituents. ACANA being in a unique position as the founder of Pennsylvania's premier African and Caribbean human services and arts and culture provider. ACANA gives a special recognition to some of its partners who are proven, efficient, culturally sensitive and have held up in the challenge and demand of an expanding community in the philadelphia region. We would like to recognize Brown Family Shop Rite, the Department of Behavioral and intellectual Disabilities, the Office of councilwoman Jeanie Blackwell, the Office of Sanator Anthony Williams, State Representative Ron Waters, the Delaware River Corporation, PECO Energy, Children's Crises Treatment Center, Dr. Helena Kwakwa and the African Diaspora Health Initaitive of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, ACANA welcomes Lineo a Nigerian musician who uses his Afro Hip House rhythm to tease and appease music lovers all over the world. A great performer and he's what you call a quintessential all round Entertainer and Entrepreneur of the new millenium. The Genre ‘Afro Hip House’ according to Lineo is a fusion of Afro beats, Funk and House (Dancing, Partying … and all the stuff that comes with it). Afro Hip House is sophisticated, sexy, provocative and stylish; it fuses African and European, urban and traditional, Afro-pop and Sangoma trance. It is hip, flash and proudly African. We will keep you updated with the PICTURES and Video from Festival sound check and Live Performance, including a short Documentary.