GIVE IT A THOUGHT – By Wale Olajumoke

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everyone is complaining about your character Instead of saying, this is who I am Give it a thought They may be right The first and second relationship failed The third one is already falling apart Give it a thought There may be an attitude that is repelling them If your employee turnover is on the increase Every staff seems to want to leave your company Before you conclude that they are all lazy Give it a thought, there may be something you are not doing right You have been looking for jobs for years Or you have not been considered for promotion for long Give it a thought There may be something the employer is looking for that you are lacking Your is falling apart You and your spouse seems not to enjoy each other's company any longer Give it a thought There might be something essential that you have stopped doing You read so hard Yet your result is far from excellence Give it a thought There may be some skills or secret you dont know Your prayer seems not to be answered Before you go to seek solution where there is none Give it a thought God might be saying something but you are not listening Before taking vital decision about your Give it a thought Endeavour to THINK THINGS THROUGH