Get Through Monday With These Jams

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Monday might be the official start to the week but it is also the most hated day of the week. Getting out of bed today could have been the hardest thing you'll do all week but we have something that'll make it all better. Like the greatest once said "Once the hit you, you'll feel no pain" - Bob Marley, We have compiled a of awesome alte music to help you get through Monday and maybe this week could just be your best on yet. Mostly Soundcloud discoveries, these new school artists are pushing the Nigerian sound boundaries by fusing very interesting music elements with insightful lyricism which ends up as music that let's you get lost in a world they are painting through sound. From Somi, Tomi Thomas and Mich Straaw, find seven songs getting me through Monday.   These are some of my favorite songs today! What are some new school sounds you vibe to?  

1 Comment

  1. Dopified Ben

    August 13, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    I’ll surely try those vibes tomorrow!! dunno how I’d get up tomorrow