Genevieve Nnaji, Mikel Obi Named Official Ambassadors for Amstel Malta

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What we thought to be pictures from a get away rendezvous between Genevieve and was actually images from a movie The Journey starring both stars. Following the premiere at the AMVCA last night, of a new Amstel Malta TVC featuring both Nigerian superstars, Genevieve has now confirmed she’s been made an ambassador for the low sugar malt drink. Sources say the deal was sealed earlier this year, with the initial campaign themed around inspirational journey to success stories. The TVC, which was aired during the star-studded AMVCAs, highlights the individual career journey of both stars, ending at a point of triumph. No word yet on how much they were paid or how long the deal will last for. was not present at the awards but Genevieve, who presented an award with , spoke with Amstel Malta red carpet host Vixen on her own journey to success and how she hopes this project will help young Nigerians make the best of their own journeys. “It’s been a fantastic night and I’m delighted with Amstel Malta’s efforts in celebrating our own with the world”. “I am very excited about the opportunity this platform gives me to inspire the youths and will definitely do my best to support this noble cause.” she concluded.