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I'm plagued with a rare condition; and because of this condition, I write and sing- not because I can, but because I must. I need to make music almost as much as I need to breathe. When one laden with such a condition writes a song, it is first and foremost for oneself. So, when I wrote the songs you're about to listen to, I never had an audience in mind. Rather, pain, struggle, suffering, heartache, sin, hunger, depression and desperation brought these songs forth from within me. These songs were God reaching out to me in a manner He knows I can easily process. IMG-20170209-WA0003 For me, they have been a source of strength and encouragement; now, I get to share same with u to help u get through. These are not merely a fusion of inspirational words and sound- each carries a message that is very much alive and now by reason of my releasing this, they are also mobile. And most of all, they possess the spirit of Christ. This live recording is the product of the joint and sweat of my amazing team- Iwuchukwu Chijioke, Daniel Amboson, Ifeanyi George, Oyedeji Kuponyi, Victor okoro and Lemmy Ebito. EP
  1. Words Of Love
  2. Songs Of Love
  3. Taken
  4. Can’t Sit Still
  5. SOS
  6. Ogo
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