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Time, a concept as old as man, or should I say man, a concept as old as time, cause one didn't matter until the other came along, and then we related to it as the measure of the length of the days governed by "the Chronos". And after so much time had passed we said, "Time is Money" time always moves, it doesn't wait for no man. Leave your foot prints in the sands of time, or would you rather leave your shoe prints on the shores of time? Which ever you choose, Chronos strides away in that no one can fill. I just assumed the gods wore shoes.

Man always wants to protect himself against the elements that the Earth brings his way. Fashioning new ways to accessorize and make his outlook better, we say we are fashionable and we have good taste but in the end, it's just time and trends doing us in.

The princes of ancient Egypt and the Lofty of the Mesopotamian civilization had ways of distinguishing the high and mighty from the lowly and desolate, their shoes and how over time they evolved with varying trends, the material was one, the craft was another, detailing and finishing would crown it all up and the elegance it brought to your outlook in the end would cement your place in the sands of time as a well "Shoed Prince". This concept of the shoe interest over time grew so strong that even now, Chronos  himself must marvel at the extent of evolution this tiny piece has undergone in so little time. In this weeks discovery, I bring you one of such tales in time, when the shoe was not just enough. Meet Laguns, our ... His words

Ogunro Olaoluwa Oluwatobi aka Laguns, was born and brought up in Abeokuta, Ogun State,Nigeria I attended Amass Nur and pry school, Abeokuta. Had my secondary school education at Sacred heart catholic college Abeokuta before  proceededing to study Statistics at the University of ilorin graduating with bsc statistics.

* How I Started shoemaking I have always been a fashion conscious person since I was young. My love for shoes started with a dark brown pair of plimsoll my mom got for me in my primary 3. I remember cleaning them at any sight of stain I see and my mates having a good laugh at me but I never cared. That started my odyssey into shoe making. During my service year a fellow corp member was washing his footwears outside and I saw a  pair of brogues have been wanting to order online. I asked him how he got them and he told me he was a shoemaker and those where made by him. I never believed him because I felt something so good can't be made in Nigeria here, there and then I gave him money to make one for me. I made friends with him from which I enrolled with him to start learning. Learning was fun for me and I got to learn the art of bespoke shoemaking. I started my shoe brand Laguns and I have never looked back afterwards. Influences Leather brings out the craft in me. By merely looking at a leather I can tell the best pattern that will bring out the finesse. I am a fan of  Stephane Jimenez.

* Dreams and Aspirations I look forward to changing the shoe making industry where made in Nigeria shoes can be a major export and genuine bespoke shoes will be an item everyone craves.

If you have cravings like this find Laguns on on these handles:

Instagram: @lagunsbespoke

Twitter:  @lagunsbespoke

Facebook: @lagunsbespoke

Or call : 08027281354, 09079888333

It's a matter of time, and every man gets his deepest desires, especially when he follows it up with vigor and an undying belief in what he holds true. Ask Chronos, he witnessed it all through time as many have left their shoe prints on the sands of time.

I have a craving to bring your truth to the world and let them know how you spend your time, it has to be worth it, tag me on instagram ; @t8710chazown and on twitter; @i_amt8710, I would love to make your time count. Have a great week. Shalom. T8710