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Kikelomo Waterton was born on September 27 in Hertfordshire in the UK, she is the fifth child of Rennie and Colin Waterton. Kikelomo was raised in Abuja, where she was educated before moving on to the Vale College in Ibadan to complete her secondary education. Upon graduation, she proceeded to the American International University in London to study Design during which she returned home to Nigeria to intern with fashion mogul and founder of Tiffany Amber, Folake Coker. Equipped with and experience, Kikelomo began setting up Fekeye Sekida, which came to fruition in 2013. As a little girl, Kikelomo Diahane Waterton enjoyed sketching dresses and everyone close to her couldn’t help but notice her keen interest for sketching and designing clothes. She made sure that everything her close relatives wore was detailed in design. Home economics was her favourite subject and by SS2 she had designed the school’s cheer leading uniform. It was obvious to her and to everyone close to her that designing and making beautiful outfits was not just her talent but it was her passion. As soon as she returned home to Nigeria, she wasted no time but started setting up what we now know as Fekeye Sekida.