Fast & Furious Star Tyrese Gibson Sobs After Missing Out On His Daughter’s Custody

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Hollywood , 38, took to to vent about a number of ongoing crisis in his personal life, crying over his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. The Fast & Furious star posted a video Wednesday in which he made an emotional appeal to retain some custody of his daughter, as his ex-wife Norma Gibson seeks a restraining order against him and full custody of their child. He said he was disappointed by a lack of support from some of his well-heeled 'millionaire' and billionaire' friends he's made, asking, I've been there for you, why aren't you there for me?' Tyrese also noted the custody battle - which has included accusations of child abuse against him - has left him hurting professionally, as he said, 'Nobody wants to hire me, Norma! Congratulations!