Editor’s Pick: Shopping Nigerian Lipstick Brands

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In honor of Lipstick Day, yes It's a thing and there's even a lipstick party you should go to here! We've put together a of homegrown brand lipsticks. Every woman knows that long lasting lipstick is everything and finding a range of shades that match your mood is more. From a broad swatch list to long lasting matte sticks, in no particular here are some of our favorite lipstick brands: Kuddy Cosmetics: Red Lipstick will forever reign supreme with a close lead by a nice , Kuddy takes a spin at Mac's signature RubyWoo with their own Red Matte- Kudiwu. Which is surprisingly long lasting Switch Cosmetics: The 5 tray lip palette is a purse must have! With three color palette options and a range in texture, you can toss all your tube out! Blot Beauty: Their 15 color range matte lip gloss is a favorite. The long lasting finish and vampy colors make this a total must have.   Ease By Maradarah

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  1. Dopified Ben

    August 3, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    Red tho’.. gurls love dah colour for lips!!