Don’t have an Idea – Have an Imagination!

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The ability to navigate yourself through daily living through the gift of sight is one blessing we should never take for granted. A Jewish born leader once said, “The Light of the body is the eye”. Meaning the only way your body receives light is through the eyes. Today’s blog is on the importance of using your imagination to better sharpen your vision and how this brings light to the pursuit of your dreams. Just like the eyes bring light to your body, your vision (inner eye or imagination) is responsible for bringing light to your dreams. Let’s be clear! Having a vision is what separates the wishful thinker from the one who eventually achieves his/her dream. The wishful thinker has an idea of what they want but the achiever has an imagination of what he wants. The achiever deploys his imagination to sharpen the initial idea while the wishful thinker doesn’t go beyond having an idea. Your idea has a better chance of becoming a reality when you use your imagination to effectively bring it to . You will never become a tangible reality until you use your imagination to birth it inside of you first. Likewise, you will give up easily when challenges come if all you have is an idea. The best way to describe having a vision is; it is an ability to think or plan your future with the help of your imagination. It is beyond what is verbalized in the form of an idea, it is an imagination brought to life. The more you can imagine your desired goal in your mind the greater your chances of achieving it. When I talk about having a vision I am not merely talking about having an idea but deploying the power of your imagination to visualize it. How do you visualize your idea? The answer is to take the tiniest element of what you want to achieve, think about it over and over again and then magnify it in your mind by thinking about other elements that will affect it. It’s that simple! Your big idea is easier to achieve when you break it up into little parts in your imagination. So don’t just have an Idea; Have an Imagination!  

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    August 28, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Good read!!!