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Kenny Brandmuse Speaks.. I'm never a big fan of Chris Oyahkilome, but I can empathise with him during this period of stories and counter-stories. When it comes to between two full grown adults, outsiders never get the full story. I have been there. Divorce is a bitch, and both parties always have convincing stories to win their audiences. For me, the major culprits are these 'outsiders.' They pick up various sentiments and run with them. The common mistake religious folks commit, in my opinion, is to always wade into issues between husband and wife, forgetting that there are no two homes alike. I can't picture 'Jesus' on a billboard with a wife yet he was supposed to be an example of the church. Today, a church minister is never complete without a woman beside him on those revival posters. We see all these posters and billboards all around us and we know better. The word 'MARRIAGE' is one of the biggest myths that need to be debunked in the modern era. Marriage is never the only celebration of . Who says you have to get married in a particular way to validate your love? Love is Love. And I don't care how long your wedding gown is or how shiny your jerry curl is. We need more LOVERS today in our history as humankind than CERTIFICATES OF MARRIAGE. The only reason anyone may want to get married should be because of legal issues, and never because of LOVE. And if that LOVE is no more there, no LAW or CHURCH should ever hold one back. There are so many people living in modern day slavery called marriage. Take a walk. It's no one business.