Daddy Freeze, Uche Maduagwu in war of words

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Popular On Air Personality, on Tuesday blasted Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, pointing out his malfunctioning wardrobe. Maduagwu stirred up the hornet’s nest earlier in the day when he called out Freeze on his Instagram page. The Nollywood actor had posted photos of the OAP, describing him in the caption as a self acclaimed “King of Sheep’s”.  Maduagwu warned Freeze to stop verbally persecuting the church by calling out pastors in his posts.Please, this has to stop, focus on your O.A.P job and let the sheep’s free themselves, that’s even if they are in bondages in the first place,” he wrote.
“Stop criticizing the administration of , stop criticizing the great men of God in Nigeria, please sir stop it. This is a call to all Christians in Nigeria, rise up against this man who is persecuting the church verbally.” In response however, the OAP described Maduagwu as an attention seeking wannabe actor. Freeze posted  photos of the actor, pointing out that he wore only one shirt in all his Instagram photos. “Dear @uchemaduagwu, kindly oblige me by sending me your account details, so I can send you N10,000 to buy a dozen of this type of shirt you are wearing in different colors,” Freeze wrote. “Whatever change is left, should go towards your bus fare to Aswani, where you can get good quality shirts similar to the one you are wearing in your ‘famous’ photograph.”  

1 Comment

  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    March 8, 2017 at 10:36 am

    The grammer just goes on and on. Oh please!