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Welcome to the new month, it’s got its share of amazing twist and pleasant tiny sprinkles of oohs and ahs awaiting you, so stay optimistic, be sharp and keep a heart open for opportunities. This week’s discovery is behind schedule and for good reason (Apologies),  I was looking for an elusive concept, a new twist, something that doesn’t really strike as the usual and I found this one person who prefers not to be out there in the open. I was at a 40th in FESTAC town, very exquisite and the guest were really distinguished, setting was a beautifully built 10 bedroom mansion, with a terrace, lots of space and a penthouse suite, when this damsel walked in and I thought to myself, who is she? A little later I engaged the celebrants’ son who said, “Meet dads Architect”. My foot stuck to the floor, I was reminded by another guest that my mouth was ajar,  I shut my mouth, got a drink and walked up to her, to my surprise, she was really friendly and fun to converse with, we talked about her work, my work, took a selfie and the rest is history. So people meet this weeks’ discovery…  Mofopefoluwa Oluwatosin Akinmola in her words, Fope Akinmola fondly known by friends as Pepisco is a graduate of Architecture from Yaba College of Technology and holds a second degree, Bsc in Estate Management from the University of . Having worked in the construction industry for atleast 8 years, she gradually rose from an intern to an entrepreneur with her own practice, Pepi Consult Limited. With her experience also in real estate, she has served with establishments like Baron Architecture Limited, Estate Links Limited as well. Fope is friendly, focused and passion driven to excel in all areas of expertise. As she leads on her personal practice, she presently holds an employment in an IT firm, Tivas Technologies Limited as the Head of the Product Department. Some of her designs are in incubation, while some are in construction and some likewise completed and inhabited. Her hobbies are traveling, interacting with people, making complex ideas simpler (innovative), pushing her physical abilities to the next cadre. Fope Akinmola  is Christian, Single, 28yrs, lives and works in Lagos and hails from Ondo state. If you would like to get to know more about concrete jungle artiste, find her on the following handles IG -@pepi_sco Twitter - @fopizzle - Fope Akinmola The search is on, I am definitely not done unravelling diamonds in the rough, and your boardroom hero might just be next. Win this week, Cheers T8710…    

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  1. Anonymous

    May 8, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Wow! A female architect. That’s amazing.