Boyfriend-Girlfriend Thing!

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In the course of a year, Franklin and Segun, two bosom friends (both 28 years old) had this conversation:
Hello Franklin, meet my girlfriend Tina. Few weeks later; Hi Franklin meet my girlfriend Funke. Three months down; Hello Franklin, meet my girlfriend Donna. Hmmmm won't Franklin be tired of meeting Segun's girlfriend(s)? Also, how many girlfriends in the course of a year?
This is a boy-girl dilemma I am about to share. Honestly, what I see here is a boy playing with a girl, and when he's tired of playing with her, moves on to play with another girl; and the circle goes on until he becomes a matured man or until he gets tired of the game. Well, some men never get tired of that game, but that's a discussion for another day. LOL.
The truth is there is nothing like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. In my books, boyfriend-girlfriend thing, is not a term used for sexual Relationships, committed relationships or courtship, and must not be mistaken for such. Ergo, a boy comes to ask you, lady, to be his girlfriend, simply tell him, you're not interested in boys or platonic friendships, but in men and real relationships or courtship. Unless, of course, you need another friend added to your friend list.
According to the dictionary, a boy means a young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc, especially one less than 18 years of age. Wow!
No wonder most boyfriend-girlfriend stories never make it to the alter. An immature boy will always make immature and unwise decisions.
I have always wondered why boyfriend-girlfriend stories end up in battered and lame love, shattered and injurious hearts, bashful and crippled trust, and ruined future for some. If this is what mostly come out of boyfriend-girlfriend thing, then who wants it?
I bet some boys are saying, but it's a pure and platonic relationship, which I never promised her marriage, so why is she so upset after I'd said it was over between us? And I ask, if it was so pure and platonic, why did you taste her melons, and inserted your rod in her honey pot? Platonic means purely spiritual; free from sensual desire, especially in a relationship between two persons of the opposite sex (dictionary definition). So if it was indeed platonic, it would not have ended up in the bedroom, period!
Ladies, always define your relationships from the onset. Never assume, "we are a couple", if he never opens his mouth to affirm it. Stop giving your melons to platonic friends!  Also, run from any boy who introduces you as a girlfriend. If he wants a friend then be his friend. Coming for your melons means he is eating and having his cake at the same time. , be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove.
Statistic shows one out of three females has had at least three boyfriends with protected/unprotected sexual intercourse, before getting married. Some women had undergone several abortions in the tenure of a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Therefore ladies, I am writing to  save some of you from falling victims of this timebomb called boyfriend-girlfriend thing, because it may not produce anything at the end of the ride.
I met a lady some years back, who contacted me because her boyfriend, at that time, was a friend of mine. She added me on Facebook, and saw how inspirational my write-ups are, so she decided to confide in me. She narrated how her so called boyfriend, had made her go through several abortions; even after all the abortions, decided to dump her for another female. I was taken aback, heartbroken, and deeply felt her pain. Talked to the guy, but refused to listen or go back to the lady. As I write to you, they still never got back together, and as a matter of fact, the man is now married to someone else. This is exactly the dilemma one faces when you give your entirety to one whom you call, boyfriend. He literally took her life away from her, and started anew with someone else. Pure wickedness, I say! Also, I feel the lady was unwise in sticking and wanting to be with a man like that. It shows, boy and girl, both made unwise decisions, in adult and mature matters.
I believe less than 5% get a meaningful relationships out of boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Thence, before you become a victim of boyfriend-girlfriend thing, make sure you're fully aware of what you're signing up for. Save your self from "Another Sad Love Song", and put your brains to work.
Finally, let the boys man up, and quit changing as if changing clothes; and let the females wise up, and stop falling victims of boyfriend-girlfriend thing. Real Relationships or Courtship are meant for adults, not boys and girls; adults meaning both in age and maturity. Have a great week ahead.
 Debbie Kuks.
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  1. tyra bello

    February 22, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Well, guys are immature at certain ages, while the girls seem stupid… A girl without proper orientation will most likely fall for the wrong guy at those ages because they think with their heart when it comes to guys matters and not with there brain. A get trapped in sweet talks and believe the guy loves me.. Crazy stupid love.. That’s why it’s important to give a girl proper orientation when she starts attaining puberty age… Even 12years old girl get pregnant and aborts.. So for me, any adolescent I meet, I preach no boyfriend until you are sure you can settle with such guy after a not too long courtship