BORNO: Army Afraid As Colonel Kabiru Salisu is Killed Inside “Safe” Armoured Personnel Carrier

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Nigerian combat troops drafted to Borno have expressed  trepidation  over the successful killing of a respected troop commander, Col.  Kabiru  Salisu in an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) this Monday. The APC’s  are battle troop transport vehicles which the army use and  believe should  protect them from artillery attack, however Boko Haram  fire-power was able to  set the APC on fire, killing the Commander and  other troops in the vehicle,  raising fears as to the safety and efficacy of the equipment at the disposal of  the Nigerian army. Much of the army equipment today is outdated, due to a  chronic  history of government corruption, with vehicles used having been  purchased since the Shagari regime. The government is more interested in  aquiring private jets; which the current president has 10 of and  included the  purchase of an eleventh in the just a A tribute written to late Lt. Col.  Kabiru Salisu by his friend, Rebsy, reads: I never believed I was  (if ever) going to be writing a tribute to you my friend, at least not so soon.  I remember our first meeting in Sokoto when you came for training as an  instructor with some group of soldiers and Ataks (as u fondly refer to him). I  was asked to vacate the house  by my guardian so you  could stay in the house. U came in at night so I  didn’t get  to see your face properly cos it was dark, I was told that  you were a Lt. Col  then. I had to even cook for you that night, but  guess what? When I came in the  morning to get the plates, I discovered  that u didn’t even touch your food. I  was mad! U apologised, gave me the keys so I could get some water and tidy the  house. I felt sad leaving my comfort zone for corpers lodge. I  was surprised to see such a young Lt Col, U only smiled n Said ‘Thanks’. U  requested  for my pin n I gladly gave you. Days rolled by n we became friends  that  even got tongues wagging but we didn’t care. Finally,  Your training came to an end n U left for Jaji but that  didn’t deter our  friendship. I remember a whole lot of things we did  together. Remember that  Akpos jokes that got us reeling with laughter  like fools n many others? U were  such a great father to your kids n a  wonderful husband to your  wife. I was glad when you told me about your promotion to the  rank of a  Colonel just before your in November. I was proud of you! I  told you that and u asked me to pray for you for a good posting’ and  said ‘  Becks, u won’t regret knowing me’ February, we met briefly by  the filling station. I gave you a book n  then you drove off for your lectures  promising we’d see ‘soon’. I was so busy that I postponed my visit to Jaji.  Weeks later, you dropped the  ; You’ve been posted to Maiduguri. I  screamed but you assured  me that all will be fine, I promised seeing you before  you leave but I  didn’t. The was so much that you were asked to leave  earlier  than scheduled. On your way to Maiduguri from Yola, your were ambushed  but nothing happened to you. Two nights ago, I prayed for you and even  mentioned your name not knowing you were lying dead in the bush. Oh death  ,why? We sure will miss you. Your wife, family, your kids  Kariri and Bubu will  surely miss you. Rest on gallant soldier, you  didn’t die in vain. You ‘served  with pride’. Rest on Col Kabir Salisu.  My friend and mentor