Blackface Accusations May Start Rubbing Off 2Baba Negatively, He Needs To Fix It

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Plantashun Boiz were once the toast of the scene in the late 90s up until the beginning of the new millennium. The group consist of three members Blackface, 2Face and Faze. They band managed to churn out a handful of hits during their short lived existence. Eventually, the group broke up with each constituent member heading for a solo career of his own. went solo, Faze and followed suit. That was the end of the group except for a brief reunion in 2007 which led to the release of an album ‘Plan B’. Since the split up of Plantashun Boiz, Blackface has been in loggerheads with ex bandmate 2Face.  His reason for antagonizing the ‘African Queen’ crooner is that he wasn't given proper credits and royalty for the song ‘African Queen’ which he purportedly wrote. That's not all, again Blackface has accused 2Face of singing and publishing another song ‘Let Somebody Love You’ he wrote without acknowledgement. And the saga between the two former partners continues. Any time Blackface get in front of a camera and microphone he just can't help talking about how 2Face short changed or sabotaged him. And the accusations keeps going on for years now. This whole rancour between both parties is unhealthy and should be settled. Even though Blackface speaks or whines from a disadvantaged point probably because 2Face is already considered a Nigerian music legend, his rants shouldn't be swept under the carpets. From this point of view, 2Face needs to properly address the dragging accusations and redeem his image. Only recently, BFN shared photo evidence of a chat with 2Face were he admitted to using his song with formal approval. Blackface claims he hasn't been properly settled and no matter what, this accusation is bad for 2Face’s brand and status. There is no crime in having your hit songs written for you, but credits and whatever agreed means of settlement are standard practice between any singer and songwriter. All through the accusations 2Face has been dumb until a recent tweet from him warning Blackface & Eedris to desist from attacking him. That tweet by 2Face is not enough, he needs to fully prove he is innocent like his name. Records should be made straight to end the sporadic rants from his former partner Blackface. Having a libel of intellectual property theft hanging over 2Baba without decent efforts from himself and his team to prove the accusations are mere attempts to tarnish is image is rather sickening. It further makes the accusations hold water. It is high time Blackface claims are investigated by COSON and other copyright agencies without any favoritism to 2Baba. This would further embolden the Nigerian music industry as copyright issues will be taken more seriously. With all the good things the media has to say about 2Face as a humble and down to earth person, it would only be right for the music icon to mend broken fences with Blackface. Honestly the accusations may start rubbing off 2Baba negatively, he needs to fix this issue with Blackface once and for all.