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Omaliicha’s open letter This is an open letter to all the intelligent and women in the world please beware of destiny changers, (insert Ibo accent here) destiny destroyers and destiny crushers. First of all let me explain who a destiny changer is, a destiny changer is an agent of the underworld whose mission in is to change what GOD has planned for your life, to change what purpose you are supposed to fulfill on earth and robs you off your romantic joy. There are different types of destiny changers; they come in different forms, colors, sizes and shapes. And yes I said shapes (Johnny bravos, baba suwes and the boy alinko look alike.) 1. Married who refuse to be faithful to their wives and give you sob stories about they are not happy, she can’t cook or how they want a divorce but can’t get one because she is a witch. Blah blah blah. Please help me ask them, how that is another single woman’s problem? 2. Promise ring givers- please what the heck is a promise ring biko(ibo word for ‘please’)are you promising to give her an engagement ring or promising to destroy her life? 3. Engagement ring givers- these ones are the destiny trappers, they will be engaged to a woman for over 5years. What is it? Is she training to be lord of the rings? 4. Men who specialize in asking women to get pregnant for them before they travel to study or to get a better life abroad to prove that you(the woman) love them and will wait for them. Please beware of these types. They are destiny destroyers. 4b. Men who ask women to get pregnant before 5they get married, I just don’t understand these ones, if she says you should go for a fertility test before she says yes will you go? Mstheww 5. Men who deceive women into giving them money by lying about school, business, professional courses e.t.c please is she your father? Or a micro finance bank? Mstheww 6. And finally ndi wet lips; tight trouser wearing, lip licking, chest opening and bleaching young men, I don’t need to speak too much about these types, you already know. And o, before I forget men who ask women to bleach or get breast implant or whatever implants these ones ehn… they are the destiny destroyers. And the list goes on, but these are the most common ones. Please note that I am not man bashing neither am I saying that all men are the same, I am just warning you about these men who try topsoil the good name of good men. However, my darling women, I know its hard sometimes but please do not desperation lead you into the arms of a destiny destroyer… please. As for the guys don’t worry look out for my next letter so don’t fall into the trap of…… Source: MyStreetz