You better believe it: berets are back. This super chic accessory has graced the heads of many fabulous street stylers, a crown of cool if you will, and so we’ve decided to look at how they’re pulling it off. The simple accessory can hide a multitude of bad hair days. It also works for casual or formal, making it very versatile. We’re wondering why we haven’t worn it sooner, because of the effortless it gives to any wearer. Just ask these street stylers spotted at Paris week.

Even with the streetwear influx, the beret still works a charm with a slogan sweatshirt and sneakers.

Irina Shnitman / via Rexfeatures

It also works with a minimalistic trenchoat, pop of red (très chic) and leather accessories.

Isabelle Plan / via Rexfeatures

When worn with an all black tuxedo inspired suit, the beret adds the right amount of edge and interest.

Nicole Warne / via Rexfeatures

Dior are definately contributing to the trend, since their berets look so brilliant with this iconic T and tulle skirt combo.

Street style / via Rexfeatures

Worn with another Parisian inspired accessory making it’s comeback, cat eye sunnies are the beret’s best friend.

Chriselle Lim / via Rexfeatures

Berets are most commonly found in neutral tones, such as black and cream…

Camille Charriere / via Rexfeatures

And so can be used when paired with bright or neutral pieces.

Eleonora Carisi / via Rexfeatures

We’d recommend finding a beret as soon as you can, Paris awaits…