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The gift of sight is a treasure which I for one like many others are grateful for. The burst of colours and endless mesh of earth, fibre, liquid and organic tissues that makes our planet the blue is one thing that continues to inspire generation after generation of creatives. I look forward to seeing the planet from outside it; don't you just crave seeing Earth from outta Space? All the marvels of "Big blue". But then I stopped in my tracks, I haven't seen all the beauty within... And I long to, which brings me to my , Aina Dante Tayo, inspired by the sight of everyday life. Here are his words... Right from a young age, I had a thing for nature and how elements of life interact with each other. I used to bait ants with sugar and watch in amazement as they lined up and organized themselves in a straight line (even with no leader in sight) and proceeded to transport said food to their anthill. Every time I open my eyes, I always wondered about the beauty of nature. I feel all elements nature is in perfect balance with each other. You can never look at a leaf on any tree and feel the green was too much or the roughness of the bark of a tree and feel it was overboard. I once read this quote somewhere "there's beauty in everything if only we could just open our eyes" and I could actually relate internally. So i decided to start a project that involved capturing the essence of any image that was pleasing to my eyes, i started with taking pictures of architecture, like buildings and bridges. Then I later moved on to capturing other elements of water, like ships and boats and any other elements of water travel that caught my fancy. After doing this for a short while, i was surprised when my work got featured by the present lagos_50 handle and a couple other street photography pages on Instagram. In the future, i plan on creating wall art that would be a physical expression of my work, themselves .and that people who are in tandem with themselves and their art themselves. (Exit stage left, back to narrator) Lol!!! That's it folks, now a little whisk of something I wrote a while back, " the beauty of each day is in our eyes, everywhere we go, see, feel. The people we place gaze upon are all a function of who we want to see, it's our perception of things and people. Do me a Favour, shot those treasures for a minute, find your way to a mirror, try not to stumble, now open those eyes, and you will find the beauty of each day staring back at you. Choose to see beauty, be inspired and inspire greatness in others". Scribbled on one of those nights, Obakekere, FUTA 2007, T8710... Connect with Dante on any of these: Phone no : 07066156069 handles Facebook: Instagram: @danteaina Snapchat: @dante_aina Thanks for reading and please do leave a comment below. We definitely are still looking for that person you know so do them a favour and tag me on i.g @t8710chazown and on twitter @i_amt8710. May’s going to be the best month yet. Cheers