Babes who want men to suckle their boobs, finger them in buses by Anurika Onyelemelam

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Let’s not forget babes’ who are perverts! The ones who want to suckle their boobs in buses….or knead their nipples. Men they had never met before that day…
I tell you, these babes are everywhere! They look as cool as cucumber. butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. But they’re wacko babes. They are sometimes lovely to behold and could have any guy, but monkey businesses in commercial or interstate buses sexually freak them.
Take me for instance…if I’m making love and I hear the voice of another person, I instantly get uncomfortable and become dry. Lovemaking is private and for twosome.
I strongly feel that lovemaking should be a private , not for public consumption. Mind you, lovemaking is not just about the guy penetrating the wet, eager recesses of the babe.
Nope! Lovemaking is a thing of the mind and heart. To me, it also means fondling, caressing, suckling and any other lovely, sexual adjectives you can think of.
Anyway, back to our wacko babes.
You may not believe this, but several men had had nasty encounters with such babes.
Some men, who don’t like missing, freely offered sexual experiences always welcome such moves, from such strange, unknown babes.
A good number of men, who are unadventurous, timid, principled and conservative may run away.
A male friend of mine said: “What I experienced was a sensual touch from a total female stranger, while traveling by public transport sometimes in 2007. I sat beside this fair skinned beauty and shortly after the toll gate, she just went haywire. She started as if she was dozing, placing her head on my shoulder. Then she started fondling my hand. I initially played cool, but tried warding her off the gentleman way. But when she made for my crotch, I had to shout at her. My shouts attracted other passengers who looked at our direction. She couldn’t deny it. It was a case of ‘deliver us from evil’.”
Another of my male friend, Tony, said he first noticed that the babe kept looking for sneaky ways to brush her large boobs against him. He said that was also his first time of meeting her.
They got talking and before they reached their destination, he had kneaded her nipples to distraction. He told me that when they got to their destination, they pretended nothing happened and went their different ways without making an eye contact or exchanging phone numbers.
I know the question buzzing in your mind…what the heck were other passengers doing when such nonsense going on. Well, many of such babes prefer to sit at the last/back seat of buses.
They also like to embark on night journeys. A female colleague told me that she almost fainted in shock when she took a night bus (Luxury) heading to East because of an emergency and discovered that a babe and guy in the seats not too far from hers were fingering and fondling each other.
She told me that she knew they had just met in the bus that very night. They started the funny business after the driver switched off the light. She said she wouldn’t have known that a monkey business was going on if not that the girl was a town crier when under the throes of passion.
I’m proud to tell you that I’m a town crier too!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes OOO!
I fail to see the sense in muffling my moaning during foreplay or screams of pleasure when orgasm heralds.
But I’m not a bus sexual hound freak!
There’re several of such babes. Apparently such encounters with strangers make them wet or something. Perhaps give them unalloyed satisfaction?
Well, I don’t know! Do you? Better still, have you experienced or encounter such babes?
Let’s talk about the queerest perverts. These sorts don’t belong to any stereotype perverts we’ve come to know. They’re strange and completely out of this world.
I once met such…
To be continued
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  1. Lucky

    November 16, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Nice piece……..I only experience it once since then I have never embark on any night journey.