Ashanti Takes Sexy Hot Tub Pics, Meets Floyd Mayweather’s Mama

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And I’mma make sure I’m drop-dead gorgeous every time he see me…” While Thursdays are usually reserved for “throwback” pictures, Ashanti decided to go in another direction for #TBT. The singer went on Instagram and uploaded a bunch of sexy, thirst trap snaps of herself in a teeny string bikini bottom courtesy of Keva J. In one of the shots, she captioned:
Every once in a while ya come across 1 of the good ones… #rarebreed #braveheart
This comes on the heels of Floyd Mayweather’s sister spilling a bit of tea about the singer. According to Fannie, Ashanti was chilling at their mother’s house in a post-fight party thrown by Floyd’s family. Guess two can play that game since Nelly is now with Miss Jackson, Floyd’s ex. Still, this whole thing is getting messier than a 5-year-old with an open can of paint.