Are You Training or Killing Your kids?

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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart (deviate) from it. (Proverbs 22:6). Train means: To teach (a person) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice, and instruction over a period of time. Also means to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child or other person) by discipline, and instruction.
This is why I have a problem with some parents who tells me things like: "that's what my kid wants, and that's exactly what I'll give to him/her."
Question to Parents: if your child ask to drink a poisonous drink or liquid acid, would you give it to him/her? Or if your child ask to walk through a burning fire, would you allow that child to do so? I really don't think so. So why then do we allow our to make decision on what they want to eat, (mostly unhealthy -- especially when vegetables or fruits is not part of the meal); or allow them to make decisions on how they think in their undeveloped minds, they ought to "have been" created, (eg transgender, homosexuals)? It is bizarre to even think this is happening.
These days you see moms, making four different meal for a dinner of six, because each child wants something different, and therefore they must have different meal on each plate, on the same dinner table, on the same day! Unbelievable!!! When I was growing up, you better be thankful you had a meal, (because of others kids you see went to bed starving), and everyone ate the same thing. After every meal, you had to tell my parents, "thank you for the food" or else you get smacked. These are the things that keeps one grounded by not taking your parents or what you're privilege to have for granted. Besides, If you didn't like what was cooked, then you go to bed starved. Your choice, not theirs!
Now tell me, how is it that a 13year old, who barely knows her body, and just starting out in , decides "she" is supposed to be a "he", or her affection is towards girls, and the parents applauds/supports that, and works towards "transgender-ing" her into what her undefined mind tells them, or allowing her have intimacy with other girls, just because they don't want their precious little ones upset!? This truly makes me sick to my stomach! Are these really parents or kid destroyers, or destiny destroyers? For heavens sake, this child doesn't even know the real essence of life! The child hasn't lived long enough to even come into her own identity. She's just barely coming into her own, and already going towards destruction? I mean she's already dead "mentally" before getting to know who she really is! It is unfair!
Also you see some parents taking their KIDS to the tattoo shop to have their body slit. An underdeveloped child? Who doesn't even know 10 years from now, he/she may still like it? As kids we thought of different foolish things, and said different foolish things, but dare not act out our foolishness. Foolishness is embedded in a child, that's why the bible says, "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction/discipline shall drive it far from him. (Proverbs 22:15)." This is the job of parents. To correct the foolishness early in a child's life so he/she won't be a nuisance to the parents, or rest of the society, and world.
I am appealing to all parents to please raise your children the right way. The world is in so much chaos because some parents didn't do their due diligence. It takes a family to make a nation. Therefore whatever you put out there affects the rest of the world. Study the word of God If you don't know how to parent. The bible has tons of scriptures to guide you through parenting. I recall before smacking or disciplining my so called "children", I read the scriptures first, so they understand the need for the spank or discipline. The bible says, you spare the rod because you HATE your child. (Proverbs13:24: "Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them."). 
The truth is God gave you these children. Everything God created has a manual on how to manage or fix it, but we do not care enough to study the manual to know how to manage what we have. It's like buying a piece of furniture, thinking your mind can figure it out, you blatantly ignored the manual or guide that came with it. Your intellect may get it fixed to a certain point, but doesn't mean you got it fixed according to the manufacturers description. No wonder you start "cussing" in the middle of fixing the piece and muttering underneath your breath, "the manufacturer must have made a mistake with one of the nails, or the last wood standing doesn't have a home in the piece of the furniture, because it must definitely be an error or an extra gift from the manufacturer." LOL!  No it isn't! You are the one making a big fool out of yourself. If only you follow the manual/guide/instruction on how to get it fixed, you would not have had that thought, and would have fixed it exactly how the manufacturer created it to be.
Therefore, study the word of God, which is your manual to know how to raise your children. Your children are Gods inheritance to you, (Proverbs 22:3-5), for you to benefit from in all aspects, and not to bring you shame, or die before their time. When you train/discipline/guide your child the way he/she should go, when they are older, they will stay grounded. Listen parents, you may see them deviate a little on their way to adulthood, but it is because the truth/core values/morals has settled at the bottom, a little shaking will jolt them back to reality, so do not panic. We all shake our bottled drinks before drinking, to get the full ingredients/taste of the drink, likewise humans, we all need a shaking to jolt back our core values/morals, or whatever truth was imparted in us, that has settled at the bottom for the world to enjoy our existence. This is why it's imperative we instill these in our children, so as to raise a healthy nation.
Parent your children, and do not allow your children to parent you! You can never loose in teaching your kids and instilling in them good and godly morals, but you loose when you do not do what you're supposed to do as a parent, caregiver, caretaker, provider, and life coach of that child. Do your very best, and let God take care of the rest! Shalom!
Debbie Kuks.
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