Are You Running In Circles?

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Arthur Blessitt, an American preacher, the vision from God to carry the cross (the wooden cross), around the world, and he obeyed. He literally carried the cross around the globe, (You can read his story here: On one of his stops, in a small town, he met a gentleman. The man asked Arthur what he does for living, and he told him, he carries the cross around. The gentleman told him, he is a runner too, and went ahead to tell Arthur Blessitt how he runs around his neighborhood every morning. Arthur then spoke these words to him, "Are you running in circles, or you're going somewhere?" The man broke down and began to cry, and whispered to Arthur, "I am running in circles, but you are going somewhere!" The vision God has given you may look ridiculously out of place, out of line, or out of this world, but the foolishness of God is way greater than man's wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:25). Never ever doubt Gods leading, because he is definitely taking you somewhere. From carrying the cross around the world, Arthur Blessitt's name made it to the Guinness book of records, also his name is associated with his vision, and God has really prospered him. All this happened to Arthur because he obeyed God. Ask yourself this question: "Am I just running in circle, or I am actually going somewhere?" Be truthful to yourself. you feel you are headed no where, let God lead you somewhere. is not meant to be travelled to an unknown destination. You are here for a purpose and you are responsible for finding that out! Your journey in life is exclusively yours, and never ever sit by the way side, waiting for a miracle to happen. Passive people never receive anything, but resilience gets you above the crowd. God bless you all. Debbie Kuks. © 2014 Debbie Kuks Words Email: Facebook: Debbie Kuks. Twitter: @DebbieKuks