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It was somewhat stormy and raining at that point in time - I almost threw in the towel. It was a moment of decision - ie "to proceed or not to proceed". Somewhere and something within nudged me to proceed and in that stead - I launched ahead - and alas in a distance of less that 2 kilometres - it was a bright and friendly weather all the way to my destination. And then Mother Nature whispers - "Taiwo - this is yet another lesson for you." 1. Never take decisions based on the present or prevailing circumstances. 2. Nothing is as bad as it seems once you move beyond your position/perspectives. 3. All you will ever encounter would definitely pan out differently than you would have thought or imagine. Expect the best always.... 4. Your interpretations..........? Just because today seems precarious - just because the present lacks all the glitz - just because that dream seems elusive isn't enough reason to quit. Today - always - let that Spirit guide you and lead you to greatness. ‪#‎BeAudacious‬ - This is ‪#‎November‬ there is some bright light ahead..... ‪#‎Metamorphosis‬