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Michelle may have been celebrating a , but the house wasn’t all hugs. The West African vented their frustrations as they felt Rhulani was being given a pass for her inexperience, while Rhulani herself attacked Michelle for being “fake.” Soon, the girls were taken to the top of New World Wonder, Cape Town’s own Table Mountain, where they were told by Oluchi to absorb the beauty atop the mountain for their next shoot: a promotional campaign for South Tourism. Master florist Alwijn Burger of Blomboy had crafted an array of amazing headdresses from fynbos, the indigenous flora to be found around Cape Town, as the girls posed in front of photographer Jonathan Taylor’s lens. Contending with not just the mammoth head pieces, but brightly colored paints and powders, some girls did better than others. In the end, Opeyemi, shaken after last week’s near-elimination, emerged as the unanimous favorite at judging. Meanwhile, South Africans Cheandre and Rhulani were at risk of elimination. In the end, Rhulani’s “good enough” performances were not good enough to keep her in the competition. Next week, the girls get to work with a male co-star named Samurai, but chaos erupts on set. Will they be able to keep their composure? Find out in next Sunday’s episode. Or relive the experience on Monday 16:30 WAT / 17:30 CAT / 18:30 EAT, Wednesday 22:30 WAT / 23:30 CAT / 00:30 EAT and Saturday 18:00 WAT / 19:00 CAT / 20:30 EA Africa"s Next Top Model Is Supported By SNAPP.

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  1. tyra bello

    February 22, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Prolly that’s will be my outfit tomorrow #grin