AdabyAlterEgo: Why Ankara is the new black

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Hate it or it Ankara has had a long solid influence in “Nigerian fashion”, irrespective of the fat it isn’t produced here the fabric and its vibrant print has become a large representation of authentic “Nigerian/African design aesthetic”. Some designers have built notable brands around this signature fabric, owning and redefining the things you could do with Ankara, from the days of the generic two piece: wrapper and blouse. alter1 by Alterego is a brand committed to being a stylish representation of the modern day African woman, by creating premium pieces that are guaranteed to avail a woman style choices. The pieces are made with utmost attention to detail and utilizing sample fabrics providing a sense of limitability in color and pattern options. With a signature for infusing prints read Ankara into stylish yet modestly designed clothes, Ada by Alter Ego is slowly building a cult favorite. Taking to the world via international pop ups, the high indulgence and demand for well-made modern Ankara dresses easily signifies a shift in paradigm. Is Ankara the new Black? alter2 Everywhere you look a new statement piece is being redesigned to incorporate the inclusion of this “Holland waxed cotton” tastefully designs with prints inspired by African motifs. From time stricken beaded Ankara fabrics to cut out appliques, my love hate relationship with Ankara leans heavily towards love thanks to the emergence of Ada by Alter Ego to my radar. Next to design, well made clothes are my weakness and ADA by Alter Ego not only delivers on design, the pieces are made to tailored perfection. alter3 alter4 alter5

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  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    April 19, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Ankara is the new coool 🙂
    ADA by Alter Ego #Respect
    Lovely photos of beautiful outfits (Ankaras)