A STITCH IN TIME by Lolu Akinwunmi

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I just watched a video of some Nigerians violently threatening to soon go out killing the rich because of the hardship in the country. Very, very worrisome video; so worrisome, I cannot share it! In it, they also openly advocate a revolution. They swore they would slaughter anyone they see as "rich"; in their opinion, these are the causes of their hardship! The sad thing in this is that:
1. Not all rich people are thieves. Some have worked very hard to achieve whatever they have. So what happens to such potential targets? 2. What will be the definition of the "rich" to this emotional, but sadly misguided group? Anyone in a reasonably good car, especially being chauffeur driven? Anyone living in any of the private estates? Anyone living in a reasonably good looking home? From history, when violence is triggered, controlling it is through a higher level of violence. Revolution? No revolution has ever really worked! Let everyone read "ANIMAL FARM". One hopes those in government are fully aware of this potential time bomb. The situation is so hard and grim it is producing such emotions in people, especially the poor and underprivileged. What can the government quickly do in the short term to ameliorate the situation? I recall we had a vigorous debate on this on . And these people read and listen to radio and watch the TV. They see a Dino fooling around when many are suffering, displaying his expensive cars, dancing and being insensitive. They see the billions being daily discovered, obviously stolen monies; they see people who steal walking away free because they have expensive, brilliant lawyers; they see monies hidden in cemeteries, rooftops, shacks, flats etc, and yet no one "owns" them; they are hungry but cannot afford the very expensive food; transportation is tough for them; landlords harass them; their children are driven away from schools; they have no access to potable and power; when they try to do petty businesses, government officials arrest them and confiscate their wares; LIFE HAS BECOME UNBEARABLE. And yet we have a coterie of praise singers insisting the governments at all levels are doing well; many cannot speak the truth that those in authority sorely need to approach the challenges that need to be resolved. No revolution will solve our problem; at least not the violent, blood-letting type. We vigorously oppose it. It is mindless and has no provision for any solution to solve the current issues. I won't bother writing on what the issues are and the solutions. We all know them and know what to do. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE QUICKLY TO MANAGE THIS POTENTIAL BUT CERTAINLY MINDLESS VIOLENCE. BUT THE TRUTH IS, THINGS ARE VERY, VERY TOUGH AND THE BEHAVIOUR AND CONDUCT OF SOME OF OUR LEADERS AS THEY FROLIC IS NOT HELPING. May God help lolu akinwunmi

1 Comment

  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    April 18, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Well written article by Lolu Akinwunmi. If the government don’t act fast, something worrisome might happen in no distant time. Things are getting harder in the country and the poor always suffers for it. This guys ain’t smiling Ooo.
    May God help Nigeria.