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A popular saying goes thus; ‘Looking good is good business’. This quote probably explains why the industry is valued to be a multi-billion dollar industry around the world. According to statistics, the industry has a lot of room for improvement and more growth.

Specifically, the hair segment of the beauty industry has the biggest potential and growth over the past decades. These days the craze for weaves and wigs and all sorts of wearable hair has been overwhelming.

Our guest on Discovery Of The Week is a young Nigerian lady whose quest to solve her own problems brought her to different levels of self-discovery enterprise. She has found a way of making lots of money for herself while helping other ladies beat a bad hair day.

Unlike the conventional Nigerian youth who opts for a job after completion of tertiary education, she left nothing to chance as she dives into the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship and business. She has done a lot for herself and ladies in general by fixing the crucial hair problem on the wheels of fashion.

Our guest is a charming lady whose craft has made her become one of the most sought after hair makers in the buzzing city of Uyo and its environs.

Having heard her fame spread especially among my 'hair on fleek' girl friends I decided to see for myself that special lady that has the right solution to the bad hair problem women face.

Let me introduce you to our guest on .

BBBUZZ: Tell us a little about yourself?

Miss Abigail:  I’m Abigail Umoudit. I’m from Ini local government in Akwa Ibom State. I am also a graduate of fine and industrial arts, majored in textile designs from the University of Uyo. I am the creative director of . I am very devoted Christian, large hearted, principle, very talented and principled.

BBBUZZ: You studied fine and industrial arts in school you would have done anything, why did you decide to pick up wig making?

Miss Abigail: Just like I mentioned earlier I am a multi-talented person. Wig making is just one of the many things I do. However, I particularly picked interest in making wearable hair because it is hard to get hairstyles to meet specific needs like face shapes, occasions, personal styles. A good wig bridges the gap between a bad hair day saves the hassle of heading to a salon before eventually going for your occasion.  Hence it is stress-free; when you get back home you can yank it off your head, hit the bed and have a good night sleep. The next morning you wake up and decide how you want to look all in the comfort of your home.

BBBUZZ: How long have you been into this craft?

Miss Abigail: Surprisingly, it has only been four months since I began making wigs professionally. I get a lot of good reviews from my clients and some have been wondering where I have been all their lives.

BBBUZZ: Doing what you do can be stressful if not tough, how do you get your inspiration for new styles and looks?

Miss Abigail: Luckily for me, I am a creative person by nature. Very often I derive my inspiration from within. At other times, the way I create my designs is that box it up with vogue and personal needs of my clients.  I also go out and look for styles that are nonexistent and create them.

BBBUZZ: What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far in the business?

Miss Abigail:     Somehow the major challenge for me would be that of time constraint. These days the demand is high so meeting up clients’ needs with respect to quality and turnaround time is daunting. But then we have always delivered to clients’ satisfaction.

BBBUZZ:  Besides wig making what other things are you involved in?

Miss Abigail: My job takes a large chunk of my time at the moment. However, I’m also a sing and dance whenever I get the chance to.

BBBUZZ: Do you have any words for ladies out there who want to engage in wig making?

Miss Abigail:  Considering the present economic situation of the country, It is not advisable for youths like me to be idle especially the ladies. Wig making can be very profitable when you settle down to face it. Go for it girls you can do it!  My outfit also offers training services too.

This call is especially for the ladies. In case you find yourself around Uyo metropolis,  you can contact CHIC WIGS for that fabulous wig via the following means.

Telephone ☎: 08088098887 

IG: @chic.wigs Fb: chic wigs



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