50 Cent Attempts To Put Trey Songz In The Middle of VH1 Star’s Murder-Suicide

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Just a day after the tragic passing of Hit The Floor‘s Stephanie Moseley, who was murdered by her husband, rapper Earl Hayes, 50 Cent is causing a stir by pointing fingers at Trey Songz. Yesterday, TMZ reported that Earl, who is a part of Floyd Mayweather’s The Money Team, shot and killed Stephanie in the wee hours of the morning after accusing her of with a “famous singer.” That famous singer was eventually revealed to be Trey Songz, but not before Trey offered his condolences on Twitter:
R.I.P babygirl. Once an angel on earth, now watching over us from Heaven. You’ll b missed but never forgotten. Love
This morning, 50 Cent hopped on Instagram to somewhat put Trey Songz on blast, by called him out for “talking a pimp” in his condolences when he is allegedly in the middle of everything.
Trey how you get all in this sh! T man. Talking like a pimp, Baby you was a angel here on earth an now in the sky. youl be missed but never forgotten. ? Call my phone
It could have very well been a DM gone wrong, but we all know how 50 gets down. And it’s no coincidence that he pretty much reiterated what Trey said in his tweet and capitalized the word “love.” Prior to that Instagram, he posted up and deleted lyrics to a song titled “Smoke” featuring Trigga that he released this summer, so it’s obvious 50 could’ve made an effort to phone the singer himself if he wanted to. 50-cent-instagram Trey-Songz-tweet-about-Stephanie-Moseley
Trey’s alleged affair with Stephanie being what allegedly sparked the murder-suicide puts the story almost in the same vein as one from earlier this year. NFL player Greg Hardy was arrested for beating the pulp out of his girlfriend because he found out she dated Nelly during their separation. Suddenly, those “Mr. Steal Your Girl” memes are no longer funny.