3 Things Adele Can Teach You About Relationships

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Someone recently recommended I check out “ Adele Live At The (DVD/CD) .” Admittedly, I was reluctant. In my experience, people tend to exaggerate their opinions of entertainers based on who is the musical “flavor of the month”. What would I possibly learn from Adele? How could this DVD teach me anything at all? Well, I did recall once reading an article which discussed some of the past relationships on which she based her songs. This helped me to think of this DVD from a more observational viewpoint, and not just for entertainment. I decided to give it a try, hoping I would learn something about Adele beyond her music. Based on my observations, here are some things we can learn about relationships from Adele. Communicate Openly About Life Several minutes into the concert, I noticed Adele talked about everyday between songs. She discussed everything from friends to relationship problems. Often, in relationships, people focus on putting their best foot forward they forget how to be established, and talk openly about how truly makes them feel. They fear appearing human. However, being human is what will help make relationships stronger. Action Steps: •If someone is genuinely afraid of hurt, he or she should just say it. •If someone genuinely lacks trust due to because of past relationships or the behavior of their partner, he or she should just say it. •People should talk with their partner in a sharing nature. They should ask questions. I’ve always felt people never ask enough, or even the right, questions. Asking deep and introspective questions will correct and deepen the relationship. Talk about love for things such as hobbies, people, and places. Appreciate and Treasure Your Relationships Adele seems to love and deeply appreciate the community of fans she serves with her music. It is abundantly clear she understands her voice is a gift, and she is serving people with that gift. Unlike some artists who act as if they are doing us a favor, she understands being a servant is about being appreciative and humble. What can we learn from a relationship standpoint? We can learn to respect, honor, and serve those we love in whatever way God has for us. It is an honor and privilege to share a moment, season, or a lifetime when we are in a relationship with someone. Always seek to be a bridge and not a burden. Seek to understand love is a veritable treasure to give and receive. Celebrate what is Different, but Focus on what is Similar Adele does an excellent job of appearing human, normal, and approachable. She spends time during her performance sharing what she has in common with the people she serves. Again, from a relationship standpoint, what can we learn from this? We can learn to celebrate what makes us all different. Different is not harmful and should be appreciated. We should always spend time talking about and discussing what makes us similar and different. In order to do this, we must remove the focus from ourselves and learn the joy of sharing life with others. Sharing life does not mean getting what one want from others, but it does mean giving a part of one’s self. Culled From Quentin McCall
Quentin McCall