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Music is an outburst of the soul, our very essence sometimes we spew through generic sound. Every time a lyric, rhyme, rhythm, tune or bar hits you and resonate through out your fibre and being, It's safe to say you have connected with another's soul. Have you ever felt like the lyrics were made for you? Did the symphony ever feel like it tells your truth? Did you ever just plug in and feel the "I know you" in a song? That's the high of , a whimsical feeling that can never be contained in written or spoken words. You can only just sing it.

This weeks discovery has a vision, a  longing to connect, a penchant for deep intimate "Into-Me-I-See" moments, when he reaches into you and tells a truth that makes him the one artiste who can make the "Alternatives" the new home of musical geniuses.

Meet Mich Straaw, our . His words... Mich Straaw is a new introduction to the new age league of alternative music artist. Fusing an Afro vibe with trap soul, Straaw is shaping his sound by putting together a plethora of music elements to create a very unique multidimensional sound. Having been into music full time for a year and the half Straaw continues to hone his own sound by self producing his demos.

Since releasing Yours Sincerely and CTRL ft Bidi Iyamu of DDTM on SoundCloud. Straaw has dropped three more songs under the genre Afro blues while playing in the category of Trap Soul..

His two self produced tracks "Fallen" and "I Wan Luv U" continue in the story of the previously released songs: Yours Sincerely, F.I.N.E and CTRL. Teaming up with producer Tey Chaplin and Rubunu of RCube, Straaw recently debuted on soundcloud "Long Way" another addition to his "Collage" project. Collage is a music collection inspired by different and sometimes the same women.

Mich Straaw deeply inspired by artists like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Miguel, Tuface and a host other talented acts before him, hopes to leave pieces of himself in the world through the music. ​ Opening for Nneka at the 2017 Gidi Culture Festival, Mich is bringing his music directly to the audience one performance at a time.

Here are a few links to his most recent offerings:

Fallen -

I Wan Luv U -


Yours Sincerely-

Long Way:

Connect with Mitch Straaw on all platforms on this handle; @michstraaw

That's it folks, I appreciate the love here week in week out. God bless us all, we are still looking for them diamonds in the rough. Blessings

T8710 Chazown.

1 Comment

  1. Bright Meek Phronesis Odei

    May 23, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Nice one Mitch Straaw