10 makeup mistakes that makes you look older

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older A pretty and flawless face isthe envy of many.Let's face it;makeup looks and makes us feel good about ourselves but you are applying it wrongly or using wrong products, makeup becomes a disaster and likely to age you.here are makeup mistakes that women make everyday. 1-lining only the bottom part of the eyes.Many women say that they only line the lower part of their eyes because they find it easier to do which is really a wrong technique. Lining only the bottom part will pull your facial features down. It makes your eyes look darker,pale and tired which is unflattering to view. Also, it would shrink the eyes making it appear smaller which definitely ruins your overall appearance making you look a little bit old and drained older1We can’t deny that sometimes we just want to put liner on the bottom part of our eyes especially when we are lazy.Even though it’s easy and quick to finish, it’s still not a good thing to do. So, you should line both the top and the bottom part for it will make your eyes glow and pop out which will definitely brighten your face.(be sure not to overdo the lining because too much of it will also give you an older appearance). older22-caked face.no one wants to look like a drag queen...Too much of foundation on your face will show fine lines or wrinkles and will reduce the luminosity of your . Some professional makeup artist, will advise“Only use foundation where you need it to even out discoloration.” There’s no need to excessively cover up your whole face with foundation.if you are prone to breakouts,apply light foundation then cover with a concealer, usually I will advice you go for a very light liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser. These products are sheer liquid formulas with light diffusing pigments. older33-wrong shade of foundation.Another mistake every woman makes is wearing foundation that doesn’t match their skin tone. You should really see to it that the color of foundation blends well with your skin. Also, don’t forget to apply some on the upper part of your neck,then blend properly to even out. The wrong shade of foundation,give you a masked uneven skin tone which isn't appealing. older44-over concealing dark circles.we all don’t want dark circles under our eyes. It is really unattractive and it will truly make you look ten years older. So, to solve this problem, we use various kinds of concealers to tone and cover it up. Overdoing this is a common problem. Though it may have helped cover it up, it will show an obvious wrinkled surface and creepiness on it. This makes you look unattractive because you might get rid of the darkness of your eyes but still your eyes will look old and tired because of the fine lines.(Apply in a v-angle not a c.) older55-applying the wrong or dark shade of lipstick.As we age, our lips tend to lose shape and definition and that is why women love to have lipsticks on. Choosing the right colors is the key to a more youthful and glowing look.applying the right shade of lipstick will create fullness and will make your look younger!dark colours of lipsticks are trending now but dark shades makes one look old.they don't add fullness and definition to the lips.choose any bright or neutral colour.pink,mauve or bright red tone will do.this will create fullness and make you look younger. Try to add just a tiny bit of lip gloss after applying lipstick because it will keep your lips moisturized all day and it will give you a shiny shimmering after look!(or else you are going for a matte look) older66-wrong shade of blush.The color of our cheeks mainly defines our youthfulness. And many women nowadays use brown shades of blush because they think that it is adding more highlight and contour on your face. This is probably not a good technique because it makes your face look mature and older. It will just end up looking muddy and dull. Instead, try to use a shade that matches the color of your cheeks when you pinch it. light colors will surely bring out a more youthful glow on the face!Most women do not apply blush on the right area of the cheek.Try to apply blush on the bottom of the cheekbone because this will create an illusion that will help you lift up your features. older77-wrongly applying the eyeshadow.this is the part that bothers me most. Most women tend to apply eyeshadow colour from the lid to the browbone.this is a big No,No.this only makes you look dull and adds to your age,giving you a washed out look.never a good sight to behold.always and always contour,so it gives your eyes a pretty definition.for beginners, stick to the lid alone,and blend towards crease. older8 8-Bad brows.one of the keys to a flawless makeover is having a well groomed brow.your brow must and must sooth your face shape.try different shapes and definitions to discover which soothes you best.a messy brow destroys your overall look.so try as much as possible to keep brows well shaped and defined.(seek professional help if need be) older99-Fake and expired makeup products.most women forget that makeup products can't be used forever.they even find it difficult to check on expiry dates and to discard their old makeup products. It is very important to understand that just like food,makeup products can also be hazardous to our health.using of fake or expired makeup products can expose individuals to skin allergies or irritation.these irritations can make one look old and very unpleasant. Be sure to always check for expiration dates,and most importantly, ask questions and seek professional help. older10 10-too many colours on face. As much as we all want to look pretty,we must make sure we appeal to the eyes. Too much makeup on the face is a wrong choice.most especially when you have too many colours blocking or piling on each other. Try as much as possible to keep your makeup subtle.one strong colour at a time(pair colours rightly,let attention be drawn to only your best features) less they say is more. For more beauty inspirations, be sure to leave your comments below or email me. Beautybyazure@yahoo.com Also if you want me to recreate a look you have been longing to wear,email me Kemmy Shona kemi


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